BioMark News Summary 2007 – 2012

Clinical Trial and Gene Expression Ethics Approval

BioMark has received conditional approval from the University of Manitoba and CancerCare Manitoba for 2 studies that will commence shortly. The studies involve phase III clinical trial and SSAT Gene Expression in patient derived tumour biopsy. BioMark will be working with Manitoba Tumour Bank in regards to the studies linked with gene expression. Publications and downstream applications are anticipated as part of the collaboration.

BioMark is in discussions with other cancer agencies in Canada and US to participate in SSAT gene expression studies that will have major impact in both pathology and treating cancer patients with better therapeutic agents. An internal standard for quantification of the expression has been developed by BioMark over the past few months.

Engage Grant Application with Fraser Hof – University of Victoria

Fraser Hof is the Canada Research Chair in Supramolecular and Medicinal Chemistry at University of Victoria. His group is aiming to remove barrier to implementation of the new, very fast and inexpensive analytical method by developing of custom chemical binders for use in Biomark’s detection technology platform. These efforts will feed samples into the hands of Prof. Reuven Gordon (UVic Engineering, Canada Research Chair in Nanoplasmonics), who is the expert with whom we have an established collaboration.

BioMark’s Expanded Affiliations

BioMark is in the process of expanding its integrated alliances and is collaborating with:

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre in Seattle Washington – Meetings will be scheduled with domain oncology research experts in biomarker, therapeutic and molecular diagnostics. The goal is to conduct transitional research that is applicable to both institutions. More information will be realeased after official letters of collaborations are signed.

Manitoba Tumour Bank -Validation of Over Expression Enyzme in Patient Deriverd Tumour


Elevated gene expressions in a selected number of primary patient-derived cancer to be used to validate our hypothesis of a high incidence of over-expression in patient-derived primary tumors.

Significance of the work: The anticipated results demonstrating a high incidence of expressions in patient-derived tumors will allow us to further design the use of BioMark’s drug candidates as a potential drug target and as a companion diagnostic biomarker for detection and monitoring of cancer progression.

New Site in Seattle Washington and member of Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association (WBBA)

BioMark has set up an office in Seattle and has also joined WBBA. CEO Rashid says “This is a good move for the company as we set up small scale sites at pivotal centres of bio technology innovation and rapid commercialization”. Washington and California are within our prime corridors and we should see very strong partnership emanating from our presence there. BioMark’s offices are to be located at 6603 220th St. SW suite 101, Mountlake Terrace, Washington 98043

New patents – Expanding Oncology Technology Platform –

BioMark has filed for 4 additional patents related to therapeutic discoveries, new antibodies and imaging applications. These new patents further strengthen BioMark’s position in the oncology area allowing the company to provide “Own a Disease” platform. More patents are anticipated later this year.

Novel Imaging and Labeling Research Underway at Centre for Comparative Medicine

BioMark is participating with UBC, BC Preclinical Research Consortium and BC Cancer Agency on a novel approach to image cancer and tumours in vivo . A successful outcome will help establish proof of concept that helps detect internal organ cancers particularly when the cancer lines exist in small amount or size. Results are anticipated in December 2012.

The team will be using a new VECTor/CT microSPECT instrument while leveraging imaging methodology and brain neurodegenerative research in rodent models and humans (Dr. Sossi), basic science oncology, diagnostic imaging nanoprobe and therapeutic radiopharmaceutical research (Dr. Hafeli), who along with BC Cancer’s Dr. Waterhouse form a cohesive, synergistic team.

Going Global Funding

BioMark is in the process of completing a Going Global program to visit research and development partners in Asia for 2013. Relationships have been cultivated especially in testing BioMark’s cancer screening products.

Going Global Innovation (GGI) is a contribution program created and managed by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada’s Trade Commissioner Service to stimulate international research and development (R&D) partnerships that benefit Canadian innovators.

The program is designed to assist Canadian innovators solidify an international partnership for future R&D collaboration to co-develop a technology or a product that has a potential for commercialization.

Health Canada Approves BioMark’s CTA Application – July 2012!

BioMark is excited to to announce that Health Canada has approved its latest application filed by Saint Boniface team for expanded clinical trials. BioMark will conduct the trials at 3 sites in Canada with potentially a site in US and China. Details to follow.

CTA Application to Health Canada for Phase III Trial June 2012

BioMark has submitted a new Clinical Trial Application to Health Canada for phase III after successfully completing a modified pre trial at Saint Boniface Research Centre. The clinical and regulatory team at SBRC handled both the trial and the CTA application. 3 clinical trial sites and centres have agreed to participate in the trial once the CTA is approved later this summer.

Additional National Research Canada Funding July 2012

BioMark has been awarded additional funding by NRC on 2 projects that will complement and fortify its technology platform and product pipeline. These projects will focus on imaging and targeted therapeutics. These projects will be conducted collaboratively with BRI, UBC faculty and BC Cancer Agency.

BioMark at 9th Annual BayBio in San Francisco July 11 2012

The Entrepreneur and Investor Roundtables is a unique event designed to act as a catalyst for burgeoning entrepreneurs, and is well known for its iconic ‘speed-dating’ format. The Roundtables facilitate introductions, dialogue and connections between life science entrepreneurs and investors. This event provides early stage companies with accessibility into the capital markets while providing investors a first look at intriguing innovations.

Health Economics of BioMark’s Technology July 2012

BioMark is in discussion with the University of British Columbia’s Collaboration for Outcomes Research and Evaluation (CORE) group. CORE addresses the need for clinical and economic research, and education in pharmaceutical / diagnostic outcomes assessment. CORE strives to provide evidence which will maximize the clinical, quality of life, and economic benefits of drug therapy, while minimizing associated risks. This is achieved through independent research and research collaborations with pharmaceutical and health outcomes researchers throughout North America and Europe.

BioMark Team in California UCSF / Genentech Facilities


—University of California, San Francisco, USA

BioMark Team at the CTA Genentech Incubator Facilities

—University of California, San Francisco, USA

BioMark’s New Strategic Collaborations – April 2012: University of Victoria


BioMark is looking forward to collaborate with Dr. Reuven Gordon Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair Electrical and Computer Engineering University of Victoria on the potential use of Raman to detect a metabolite of interest in detection of cancer. This application is novel and can be used cost effectively when fully tested and functional. Successful meeting supported through the Interaction Grant funding were held late March between the Dr. Gordon and BioMark’s scientific team.

Rashid Bux, BioMark’s Founder states “BioMark is excited to explore and embrace medical applications using nano technologies with Dr. Gordon’s group in the near future. This fits’ BioMark’s vision of incorporating better tools to increase detection to enhance diagnostic accuracy.”

UBC, TRIUMF and BC Cancer Agency


Discussions are underway between BioMark Technologies Inc and Dr. Vesna Sossi, Professor Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research Senior Scholar, UBC Dept. of Physics and Astronomy. Both teams had very fruitful meetings initiated and supported by Dr. S. Dissanayake Head, Strategic Initiatives and Business Development at BC Preclinical Research Consortium. The teams will examine a focused project aimed at using BioMark’s antibody for a specific organ imaging application. Dr. Sossi and her team will be using the latest imaging technologies just introduced at their UBC facilities during this project. Additionally both TRIUMF and BC Cancer Agency may be involved in the project.

BioMark’s CTO Brian Cheng has been examining the potential to incorporate imaging into it’s diagnostic platform. Brian states ” This is an excellent research partnership between industry and academic institutions to develop novel applications that create medical benefits to society.

Mayor Lee Announces Opening of Canadian Technology Accelerator in San Francisco

Canada’s First Biotech Accelerator Locates in Mission Bay Marking All Time High for Life Sciences Companies in the City

San Francisco, CA—Mayor Edwin M. Lee today joined by Canadian Ambassador to the United States Gary Doer and the California Institute for Quantitative Biosciences (QB3) announced the opening of a Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA@MissionBay), a new biotech incubator for Canadian life sciences firms. Located at UCSF’s Mission Bay Campus, the Canadian Technology Accelerator brings four new life sciences companies to San Francisco. “San Francisco sits firmly at the intersection of cutting edge life sciences innovation and global collaboration,” said Mayor Lee. “The opening of the Canadian Technology Accelerator in Mission Bay underscores the strength of San Francisco’s entrepreneurial ecosystem and reinforces the City’s place as the ‘Innovation Capital of the World.’ I am thrilled to welcome these four new Canadian life sciences companies to San Francisco and want to thank Ambassador Doer and QB3 for their leadership in making the CTA a reality.” (PressRelease: Canadian Biotech Incubator.pdf)

Biotech Expansion at UCSF, SF Canada Partnership

News of the UCSF expansion make headlines (Biotech_Headlines.pdf)

BioMark Files for New Patents

BioMark has filed patents for 2 new compounds which complements the existing drug used in the diagnostic process. The new drugs have similar safe profile and provides BioMark additional options for clinical and diagnostic application using Small Molecule Antibodies.

BioMark is proud to announce its small molecule monoclonal antibody development initiative with UBC Biomedical Research Centre has yielded the targeted antibody. This achievement marks a critical milestone in the company’s detection capability and offers a foundation for a cost effective alternative to using the current mass spectrometer methodology that was established 2 years ago. BioMark intends to leverage the capabilities gained in small molecules into other applications.

Strategic Initiative Programs with UBC

BioMark is working with Dr. Love and Dr. Sammis to develop compound molecules of interest. In 2011 BioMark partnered with Dr. Love in the creation of the compound that was successfully used in the creation of the antibody at UBC’s Biomedical Research Centre.

National Research Canada IRAP Support — April 2012

BioMark has been granted financial support again for 2 critical projects in 2012. The projects will help expand BioMark’s IP, quantify the standard and enable BioMark to examine a new service revenue stream. The outcome of the projects are planned for end of Qtr 2 2012.

Control Re-trial at Saint Boniface Research Centre

BioMark will complete a control retrial by end or Qtr 1. Results will be reviewed and presented to Health Canada. A phase III design will be developed depending on the robustness of the results and new quantitative standards to be developed under IRAP program.

Canadian Technology Accelerator Program in Silicon Valley / Bay Area

BioMark has been selected to participate in the Canadian Technology Accelerator (CTA) for Life Science program developed and offered by Consulate General of Canada in San Francisco / Silicon Valley. The focus of the program is to select the most innovative and high potential companies in Canada and provide an environment for rapid commercialization.The Bay market area is the pulse for innovation. BioMark is proud and grateful to have been selected and we look forward to leveraging and learning how to best commercialize our novel technology. Our government realizes the commercialization talent gap and this opportunity will be highly valuable to Canadian companies.

International Collaboration

Dr. Ahmed Bouridane and Sr. Somaya Al – Maadeed from Qatar University have together with BioMark submitted a proposal to Qatar Foundation to reseach “Automated Classification and Diagnosis of Tissue Patterns in Colorectal Tumours Using Non-Visible Multispectral Imagery”. This is a highly focused research proposal involving both research and development. The principal investigators (Prof Ahmed Bouridane and Dr Somaya Al-Maadeed) have a considerable academic research expertise and also key collaboration in place that will prove highly advantageous in ensuring the project’s success. Prof Bouridane’s research encompasses an in-depth pathological and morphological characterization of cancer development and its biological and medical importance in the field of pathology.

The team will work together in the development of a working prototype, especially in regarding the efforts of hyperspectral analysis of the acquired tissue images. This will include a range of advanced spectroscopic techniques which will be investigated to ascertain the detailed biochemical, physiological and morphological characteristics of colorectal tissue samples and nuclei patterns. Both teams envisage that the development of such multispectral/hyperspectral imaging solution will prove to be of high value to scientific progress in a number of areas of cellular and tissue pathobiology and will serve to initiate and drive an array of collateral multi-disciplinary projects.

Completion of 2 Critical Projects

BioMark is proud to announce that in August 2011, it completed additional substrate and gene expression studies using services from BRI Research in Vancouver Canada. The research was partially funded by NRC National Research Canada. Key objectives were achieved with implications on new patents and existing platform expansion.

New Regulatory Approval from Health Canada

Following new submission to Health Canada for a new control trial protocol modification, BioMark was granted CTA (Clinical Trial Acceptance) in August to commence trial that will be conducted at SBRC (Saint Boniface Research Centre) in October 2011.

BioMark Attends AdvaMed 2011 in Washington DC — September 2011

BioMark and a few other Canadian companies were selected to attend and present at AdvaMed conference held in Washington DC from September 26 -28. Several high profile meetings were conducted and further progress will be reported following definitive success.

Visit from Dr. Cui CRC Specialist

Professor and Dr. Cui from Shangahi Jiao Tong University and the Colorectal Cancer Treatment Centre visited Vancouver from May 14 – May 18 to attend the American Society of Colon and Rectal Surgeons Annual Conference. Dr. Cui visited BioMark offices to discuss how to establish R&D and set up training facilities for physicians related to CRC. Shanghai Jiao Tong University is interested in adopting new CRC diagnostics and medical devices. CRC ranks as the top 3 disease in China.

Dr. Cui met with both BioMark Technologies and BioMark China International heads during his visit.

Colorectal Cancer Screening – From National Cancer Institute of Cancer

The National Cancer Institute of Canada (NCIC) acknowledges colorectal cancer as the third most common cancer and the second most common cause of death from a cancer among men and women in Canada, second only to lung cancer. If, however, the cancer is detected early through screening, it may be highly treatable and need not be deadly.

(Read more: Full article PDF)

How Old Is Your Cancer?

By Melinda Wenner Moyer

Pancreatic tumors can germinate for a decade before turning deadly, raising hopes for early detection

(Read more: Full article PDF)

A Global Call to Action on Cancer and Heart Disease

By Christine Gorman

Most deaths from cancer and heart disease now occur in the poorer parts of the world

(Read more: Full article PDF)

A Healthy Lifestyle Reduces Breast Cancer Risk for Women Either With or Without a Genetic Predisposition

By Katherine Harmon

Women who followed weight, exercise and alcohol consumption guidelines had about the same lowered risk for getting breast cancer, even if they had a strong family history of the disease

(Read more: Full article PDF)

BioMark and UBC Professor Jennifer Love of Department of Chemistry at University of British Columbia

This program constitutes the first collaboration between BioMark and Prof. Love. BioMark will provide in-kind contribution over the period of the grant. The goal of this project is to develop an efficient and cost effective synthetic route to the drug that BioMark uses in its test. The collaboration will begin in May 2011. Future collaboration will be pursued.

ARTICLE: Blood Test for Lung Cancer? Characteristic Patterns in microRNA Reveal Disease (PDF)

ARTICLE: Racial Disparities Still Exist in Colorectal Cancer Screening Despite Increased Medicare Coverage, Study Finds (PDF)

Major Scientific Developments at BioMark Technologies Inc. in Qtr 1 2011

Monoclonal Antibody

BioMark Technologies Inc. has completed patent filing for creation of monoclonal antibody associated with quantification of a substrate of interest. The antibody for a small molecule was challenging but the mission was accomplished successfully. The antibody development work was conducted at UBC Biomedical Research Centre under Dr. John Schrader and with collaboration with BioMark’s scientific and technology team.

Further work is being conducted in this area and future major announcements will be made by the end of Quarter 3 2011.

New Substrates

BioMark has identified additional substrates with strong utility. Additional patents will be filed shortly. This opportunity allows BioMark to expand the range of substrates that may have stronger signal ratio in the near future.

Posters and presentations related to these developments are planned for the fall of 2011.

BioMark acknowledges the support and funding from National Research Canada for these scientific developments.

Retrial at Saint Boniface Research Centre

Saint Boniface Research centre will be conducting trials for BioMark following “Letter of No Objection” from Health Canada in January 2011. The trials are slated for May/June 2011.

BioMark Completes Studies and Research

Completion of NRC- IRAP project – BioMark received funding support from NRC over the past 5 months. Studies and research completed included development of a new assay for determination of new substrates; development of antibody with collaboration from UBC’s BioMedical Research Centre (Dr. John Schrader); Stability Studies for the drug used in the test that BioMark is developing.

BioMark and Norgen Biotec

BioMark and Norgen Biotec will be working on a novel method to collect and preserve biological sample of interest. This will enhance the cost dynamics of offering a screening test cost in remote regions. Preliminary assessment is underway.

New Scientific Board Advisor

BioMark is proud to announce that Mrs. Huang from Johns Hopkins will be joining the scientific team of BioMark in May 2011.

BioMark Submits ITA Application

BioMark submitted an ITA application to Health Canada for the internal standards for use of tumour determination in Oct 2010. The internal standard consits of an LC MS MS based urine test for the presence of the metabolite of interest. BioMark was granted a ITA in December 2010;

Health Canada Grants BioMark a CTA

BioMark filed submission for a new protocol for control studies to be held at Saint Boniface Research Centre to Health Canada in October 2010. Health Canada granted BioMark a CTA to conduct control studies scheduled for December 2010.

BioMark Invited to Paris and London

BioMark was invited to attend an oncology diagnostics & targeted therapies mission to Paris and London held from Nov 7 – Nov 10th 2010 developed by Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade. The focus of the mission was on Oncology and Biomarkers. Presentations were made in both London and France. Biomark is currently in discussion with several potential parties on ways to collaborate in clinical trials, joint research and product pipeline expansion. Details to follow once agreements are finalized.BioMark intends to tap into funding offered under OSEO and EEC where possible.

Brian Cheng and Rashid Ahmed

Brian Cheng and Rashid Ahmed

Dr. B. Ramjiawan

Dr. B. Ramjiawan from Saint Boniface Research Centre and Canadian Trade Commissioner for France Sandrine Caduc

Dr. Sitar is Awarded Professor Emeritus Status – May2010

Dr. Daniel Sitar, B.Sc., Ph.D.

Dr. Daniel Sitar, B.Sc., Ph.D. (Manitoba); F.C.P.; F.G.S.A. Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics Dr. Daniel Sitar received his university education in Manitoba and remained a licensed pharmacist from 1966 to 2009. He also completed an MSc degree in Pharmacy (1968), and a PhD in Pharmacology (1972). After academic appointments at the University of Minnesota and McGill University, he was recruited back to the University of Manitoba in 1978 to participate in the development of the first Geriatric Clinical Pharmacology program in Canada. From 1999 to 2008, he was head of the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics. His expertise in drug disposition and factors that affect it are recognized by invited chapters in major textbooks of pharmacology. Dr. Sitar has been a member of the Editorial Board of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics since 1986, and is currently the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.

Connecting With the World During the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games

In February 2010, we discussed Biomark’s technology for early cancer diagnosis and response to treatment application with guests Dave Hayer M.L.A., Hon. Minister of Health Kevin Falcon and Hon. Minister Ida Chona Minister of Healthy Living and Sport.

Hon. Minister Ida Chona

Hon. Minister Ida Chona Minister of Healthy Living and Sport (centre) with Rashid Ahmed [CEO and President BioMark Technology Inc.] (left) and Li Yan [Biomark China International] (right).

Minister Ida Chona

Hon. Minister Ida Chona Minister of Healthy Living and Sport (centre) with Jie Chan (left) and Li Yan [Biomark China International] (right).

Dave Hayer

Dave Hayer M.L.A., Rashid Ahmed, Li Yan, Hon. Minister of Health Kevin Falcon.

NRC IRAP BioMark receives funds to continue further research on major initiatives

The funding commences April 2010.

BioMark and University of Manitoba submitted application for Canadian Institutes of Health for Research Proof of Principle

The application was submitted on March 1st 2010, result will be announced in April 2010.

BioMark’s potential research and medical partnerships for Kenya and East Africa

On February 2nd, 2010, the BioMark team met for the second time with the Kenyan envoys to discuss potential research and medical partnerships with Kenya and East Africa.

Kenyan High Commissioner

Kenyan High Commissioner For Canada, His Excellency Simon Nabukwesi (on the left), Li Yan, Rashid Ahmed and Kennedy Barasa from the High Commission office in Ottawa (right).

BioMark is proud to announce the following developments

1. National Research Canada will be funding BioMark’s principle research starting April 2010.

2. National Research Canada and Canadian Manufacturer selected BioMark as the finalist in the most innovative technology company competition and will present the award on January 14th 2010 at a special ceremony.

3. British Columbia Innovation Council (BCIC) will sponsor BioMark Technologies Inc.for BioPartnering North America to be held in Vancouver from January 24th. to 26th. 2010. BioMark would like to thank BCIC for their support and sponsorship.

4. Biomark has been shortlisted for other national awards and grants that will be announced in the first quarter of 2010.

Biomark Finalist: Regional Awards for New Technology — November 2009

Canadian Manufacturers

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters’ Regional Awards for New Technology is a prestigious award, supported by the National Research Council of Canada.

This competition is open to SMEs across Canada, and it provides an opportunity to demonstrate unique and innovative excellence in the development and application of new technologies.

In November 2009, Biomark was announced finalist for the BC/Yukon region for this prestigious award.

Download Press Release (PDF)




New Patient Study: Steps Towards Phase III Clinical Studies — October 2009

BioMark Canada and China commissioned a 18 patient study as recommended by our CRO of record Tigermed. The results will be presented to SFDA for acceptance into phase III clinical studies

BioMark met with Permanent Secretary of Kenya Professor Ole Kiyiapi. Kenya’s medical group requested collaboration on making Kenya a clinical site for expanded cancer phase III studies especially at Kenyatta under Dr. Jotham Micheni and Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital led by Professor H.N. Arap Mengech The medical tour was led by Ambassador of Kenya to Canada HE Simon Nabukwesi.

BioMark China Team Visits Canada — September 2009

BioMark China International team visited Canada. Dr. Zhou and Jie Chen visited and toured several centres that included BC cancer Agency, St. Boniface Research Facility in Winnipeg and UBC’s Biomedical Research centre. Medical and diagnostic enterprises were also toured.








BioMark Signs Agreement with University of British Columbia Research Centre — August 2009


BioMark signed a research agreement with UBC’s Biomedical Research Centre for the development of antibodies using their renowned facility headed by Dr. John Schrader. The work is expected to be completed by next year. Dr. Arversa will be the key BioMark director to champion this project.

Funding approved by International Trade Canada-June 2009

We are pleased to announce that funding for our latest project-Joint Research with Xinhua Hospital Shanghai and Biomark Technologies Inc. for the Acetylated Biomarker Assay Foundational Development and Actualization-has been approved by Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada. This project is a Global Innovation component of the Global Commerce Support Program. The funding is for 2 major meetings to be held in China from June to Sept 2009.

BioMark at Beijing World Cancer Conference-June 2009

BioMark presented at the second World Cancer Conference in Beijing, June 22-25.

See poster (PDF) 4.4mb

Topic: “The Development of a Detection System as a Diagnostic Screening Test for Lung Cancer”






Dr. Daniel Sitar, Rashid Ahmed, Dr. Zhou and his team were present.

BioMark Opens a New Office in Vancouver – May 2009

BioMark Technologies Inc.

1665 West Broadway, Suite 600

Vancouver, BC Canada V6J 1X1

BioMark Visits Shanghai – April 2009

The BioMark team recently visited Shanghai during the first 2 weeks in April. The team met and made a presentation to update local government agencies on the current progress of BioMark China.

Rashid Ahmed-Other

Above: Rashid Ahmed, Kai Cheng, Li Yan, Dr. Gregorio Aversa, Dr. Dan Sitar, Shane Mortimer

Established links with CMOs – April 2009

After our recent visit to China in April 2009, BioMark began the process of establishing links with CMOs. These CMOs will provide additional commercialization to BioMark’s existing and future product pipelines.

BioMark Receives 8 EC Patents for EC Countries – October 2008

In October 2008, it was announced that BioMark received EC patent.

Tigermed CRO in Shanghai – October 2008

tigermedBioMark has given BioMark China the authority to recruit and engage Tigermed to complete PK studies along with necessary SFDA mandated programs. This will accelerate BioMark into Phase III in China and work will be completed by end of 2009. Tigermed is a leading CRO in China and is based in Shanghai.

BioMark receives letter for Clinical Trial Acceptance from Health Canada – October 2008

BioMark Technologies Inc. is proud to announce that it has received a letter of no-objection for Clinical Trial Acceptance from Health Canada. The acceptance was received on October 23rd, 2008. BioMark will be conducting Phase III trials in late 2009 focusing on screening and early detection for colorectal and lung cancers. Local trials will be conducted at Saint Boniface Research Centre in Winnipeg, Canada.

BioMark also intends to conduct trials in China after SFDA approval which is expected in 2009 after submission of PK and exploratory research.

BioMark was recognized as Top Ten Innovations/Start-up by the University of Manitoba – October 2008


New BioMark Facilities Established in Shanghai – August 2008


BioMark Clinic International was established in Shanghai in August 2008. The offices will be a major link for BioMark in China. Ms. Li Yan is the chairman and president of the Chinese operation.

Our focus at BioMark China International include clinical trials, new product development, market development and regulatory management.

BioMark China International

Jia Hui Square Suite 4A,Tower 1,

2601 Xie Tu Road,

Shanghai, China, 200030

BioMark Technologies Inc. Presents a Poster at the World Congress of Clinical Pharmacology in Quebec City – August 2008

BioMark presented a poster at the World Clinical Pharmacology Conference held on August 29th in Quebec City, Canada. Dr. Daniel Sitar was invited to present at this venue. The BioMark poster will be presented in China.

BioMark Investment and Visit to Winnipeg – May 2008



Top Left – St. Boniface General Hospital Research Centre, Winnipeg Manitoba.

Top Right – BioMark team members – Dr. Sitar, Dr. Ramjiawan, and Rashid Ahmed hosting Li Yan and May Ma.

Bottom – Rashid and Li Yan having lunch at conclusion of capital injection and strategic partnership terms.

Potential Lung Cancer Epidemic Looming in Asia – May 2008

Biomarkers, when positive, are thought to be predictive for response to treatment. Many analysts believe that this type of individualized medicine – tailoring therapy to patients’ clinical or molecular characteristics – may help to improve survival for NSCLC patients in the future.

Full article (pdf)

BioMark Lead Scientist and Principal Scientific Investigator Dr. D. Sitar is the first canadian to be appointed Editor-Designate of the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology – March 2008

Daniel Sitar Editor Designate for Journal of Clinical Pharmacology

Wednesday, March 19, 2008 10:16 AM

The American College for Clinical Pharmacology is pleased to announce that Daniel S. Sitar, B.Sc.Pharm, Ph.D., FCP, has been appointed Editor-Designate of the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.

Dr. Sitar will assume his duties on June 1, 2008, and will serve a concurrent term with current Editor Lisa L. von Moltke, M.D., through December 31, 2008. Dr. Sitar will assume the position of Editor of the Journal on January 9, 2009.

Dr. Sitar is currently appointed at the University of Manitoba as Professor and Head of the Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics, and as Professor in the Department of Internal Medicine, Clinical Pharmacology Section, Department of Pediatrics and Child Health, and Faculty of Pharmacy. He is also a research affiliate with the Centre on Aging at the University of Manitoba. He was formerly an Associate Editor of the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology. Dr. Sitar has very broad knowledge and experience in the field as a clinical science investigator. He is an extensively published author, and a prolific reviewer for JCP and other heath journals. He is also a reviewer for NIH and the Canadian Institutes for Health Research Study Sections.

Dr. Sitar will be the first Canadian as well as the first non-physician to be the Editor of the Journal of Clinical Pharmacology.

The Search Committee was very pleased with the number and quality of the applicants for this position. They wish to thank all the candidates for their interest.

We know that you will join us in extending our congratulations to Dr. Sitar.

Groundbreaking Study: “An Unhealthy America: The Economic Impact of Chronic Disease” – October 2007

A very recent report by the Milken Institute (October 2007, on the impact of major chronic disease in the age group in which lung cancer is prevalent projected huge social and economic benefits from preventing loss of human capital.

BioMark Poster Presentation at Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference – February 2007

February 27 – March 02, San Francisco, CA


BioMark Licenses Cancer Diagnostic from The University of Manitoba – June 2006


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