BioMark Metabolic Panel

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BioMark has invested and successfully discovered and validated a new high-powered metabolic panel assay for early diagnosis of Lung Cancer. This performance panel assay has clinically demonstrated superior detection capabilities for early stage I / II Lung Cancers using urine and plasma. This is a major breakthrough in Lung Cancer diagnostics and strategically positions the company in a vintage position for high risk lung cancer screening market which currently uses low dose CT scans (LDCT). ML being incorporated in the analysis of the assay.


  • Glioblastoma (GBM)
  • Breast Cancer
  • Head & Neck Cancer


  • Screening for high risk group
  • Precision medicine
  • Assess high risk relapse population cohort
  • Assess malignancy

Clinical Trials:

Spermidine/spermine N-acetyltransferase 1 (SSAT 1) Gene Expression in Human Cancer
Principal Investigator: Dr. Andrew Maksymiuk, MD, Cancer Care Manitoba
Status: Open

Spermidine/spermine N-acetyltransferase 1 (SSAT1) Gene Expression and Identification of High-Performance Metabolites in Human Cancer (Amended)
Principal Investigator: Dr. Andrew Maksymiuk, MD, Cancer Care Manitoba
Co-Investigator: Dr. Daniel S. Sitar, Ph.D, University of Manitoba
Co-Investigator: Dr. Paramjit Tappia, Ph.D, Asper Clinical Research Institute
Status: Open

Glioblastoma (GBM)

  • CancerCare Manitoba ethics approval obtained for the protocol
  • Patients to be recruited newly diagnosed and treated
  • Utilize both SSAT1 and new panels
  • Expand clinical trial sites in N. America

Breast Cancer

  • Identified and validated several putative markers
  • Expanding trial samples
  • Incorporate other clinical and imaging data

Head / Neck Cancer

  • In discussion with a major European centre to develop a comprehensive Omics panel of markers for high relapse cancer cohort
  • Modify protocol and potentially extend trial to additional North American sites after Health Canada and ethics approvals are granted.