Cancer Education Videos


BioMark’s videos provide patients and investors with insight into our  life-changing tests and developments, and the researchers who assist us in our projects.
Below you will find videos from cancer survivors, premier cancer researchers, and educational videos to highlight the importance of early cancer detection. Early detection is the philosophy that drives every aspect of BioMark’s important work in oncology.

BioMark Community

Dr. James Bond on Biomark

World Cancer Day Message of Hope

A Cancer Survivor on Biomark

Quest for Game Changing Lung Cancer Diagnostic Assay

Studies in metabolomics are at the core of our medical advancements in cancer detection

Cancer Facts Videos

What is Cancer?

How Common is Cancer?

How is Cancer Diagnosed?

What Happens Once Someone is Diagnosed?

Cancer Facts – The Importance of Early Detection

Cancer Facts – What is Remission?

Cancer Facts – What is the Survival Rate for Cancer?

Cancer Facts – Common Side Effects

Cancer Facts – What are the Risk Factors for Cancer?

Cancer Facts – Is Cancer Contagious?

Cancer Facts – Does Stress Cause Cancer?

Cancer Facts – Can Graviola Cure Cancer?