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BioMark is an oncology-focused company with advanced near-to- market diagnostic technologies designed to improve patient outcomes. We have developed and own multiple intellectual properties (IPs) in detection and quantitation of metabolites.

We hand-picked a proven, global enterprise team of scientists, engineers and medical professionals to help commercialize our innovative technology and to increase prediction and accuracy in the diagnosis of cancers by following and incorporating the highest regulatory ,clinical and scientific standards..
Our cross pollinated, balanced and committed team was established in 2007. Our mission is to develop and commercialize innovative technologies to increase prediction and accuracy in diagnosis of cancers.


To empower people, medical institutions and nations to gain universal access to effective cancer diagnostic tools.
In essence, we accelerate and facilitate effective cancer management solutions to improve patient outcome.

We adhere to rigorous standards in research

Because of the critical role that biomarkers play at all stages of disease, it is important that they undergo rigorous evaluation, including analytical validation, clinical validation, and assessment of clinical utility, prior to incorporation into routine clinical care. This is an important dimension of BioMark’s daily operational activity.


Core North American Leadership Team

Collectively, our core leadership team consists of research doctors with many decades of diagnostic development, engineering and biochemistry researchers, as well as experienced business professionals. The entire team has been selected to drive discovery, reduce regulatory and technical risks, accelerate clinical adoption and liaise with biopharma.


Executive Team

Rashid Ahmed, MBA – Founder, Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Thomas Malcolm, Ph.D – Chief Scientific Officer
Dr. Bram Ramjiawan, Ph.D – Clinical Trial and Regulatory Expertise
Brian Cheng, MSc– Chief Technical Officer
Gina Huang, MBA – CFO and Project Director


Dr. Daniel Sitar – Principal Scientific Advisor / Professor Emeritus, University of Manitoba
Dr. David Wishart – Professor, Depts. of Computer Science and Biological Sciences, University of Alberta
Dr. Myron L. Weisfeldt – M.D., University Distinguished Service Professor, Professor of Medicine, The Johns Hopkins Hospital

Dr. Ian C.P. Smith – Officer of the Order of Canada, PhD, DSc, FRSC

Dr. Andrew Maksymiuk – Oncologist; Cancer Care Manitoba
Dr. John Yoo – Clinical Oncologist; Co-Chair CancerCare Ontario Head and Neck; Professor Dept. of Oncology Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western Ontario

Dr. James Bond – Chief of Surrey Hospital Thoracic Surgery Team, Fraser Health Authority and Surrey Memorial Hospital
Dr. David Chen – Professor, Dept. of Chemistry, University of British Columbia
Dr. Horacio Bach – PhD, Antibody Engineering UBC

Dr. Reuven Gordon – Professor, Canadian Research Chair in Nanoplasmonics, University of Victoria

Dr. Donald Miller – Professor, Department of Pharmacology and Therapeutics University of Manitoba

USA Clinical Research

Glioblastoma Multiforme  resection and correlating it to existing anatomical imaging tests for confirmation is the initial trial to be led by Dr. Graeme F. Woodworth, MD (Professor, Department of Neurosurgery; Director, Brain Tumor Treatment and Research Center) who will serve as University of Maryland Baltimore (UMB’s) principal investigator in connection with such study(ies). The co- PI will be Dr. Chetan Bettegowda Director, Meningioma Center and Associate Professor of Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins.

Validation studies on BioMark’s lung cancer panel for utilization in early lung cancer screening initiatives and measuring response to treatment will be led Dr. Christian D. Rolfo, MD, PhD, MBA (Professor, Department of Medicine; Director, Early Phase Clinical Trials – Department of Medicine; Director, Thoracic Medical Oncology – Department of Medicine) will serve as UMB’s principal investigator in connection with such study(ies).



Manning Elliott Accountants & Business Advisors

Legal Counsel

Miller Thomas LLP.


Cross Pollinated, Balanced and Committed team since 2007.

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BioMark Pushing the Limit of Early Detection.

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• Genome BC in Oct 2013 – BioMark and Dr. Reuven funding for
the use of Raman IR for cancer biomarker development

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• Biopharmaceutical Research Inc.
• University of Manitoba

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