The University of Maryland School of Medicine Enters Research Collaboration with BioMark Diagnostics

Vancouver, British Columbia – (June 26, 2019) – BioMark Diagnostics Inc. (“BioMark”) (CSE: BUX) (FSE: 20B) (OTCMKTS: BMKDF) is pleased to announce that BioMark and the University of Maryland School of Medicine (UMSOM) have entered into a collaboration related to the discovery and validation of biomarkers using a combinatorial technology approach. This collaboration follows several productive meetings between BioMark and UMSOM clinicians and lab service specialists as well as employees in UMSOM’s offices of technology transfer, research affairs, and research and development.


The initial primary area of focus will be to confirm through a proof of concept study the clinical utility of using tumour biomarker(s) developed by BioMark initially in accelerating assessment following glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) resection and correlating it to existing anatomical imaging tests for confirmation. Drs Graeme Woodworth -Professor, Department of Neurosurgery, Director, Brain Tumor Treatment and Research Center Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center, University of Maryland School of Medicine) and Chetan Bettegowda – Associate Professor of Neurosurgery and Oncology and Director of Meningioma Centre Department of Neurosurgery Johns Hopkins will be principal investigators (PIs) on this study. The study will commence after ethics approval is granted. A Canadian team will also be conducting a parallel and augmenting study at the University of Manitoba and CancerCare Manitoba sites under the CHRP grant received in April 2019.


A second area of focus will be an assay validation of BioMark’s lung cancer liquid biopsy for utilization in early lung cancer screening initiatives and measuring response to treatment. Dr. Christian Rolfo (Professor at the Department of Medicine at the University of Maryland School of Medicine, Director, Thoracic Medical Oncology, and Director, Early Phase Clinical Trials at University of Maryland Marlene and Stewart Greenebaum Comprehensive Cancer Center) will be the PI leading most of the studies (prospective, retrospective and longitudinal) related to lung cancer.


“BioMark is excited to collaborate with the University of Maryland School of Medicine and to be part of Maryland’s dynamic medical technology ecosystem. This is a significant opportunity and moment for our company,” said Rashid Ahmed, CEO of BioMark. “In addition, BioMark is planning to set up operations in Baltimore, and the current designated site is located at 875 Hollins Street Suite 102-G Baltimore MD 21201. More details will be released as planned progress is made.”



About the University of Maryland School of Medicine


The University of Maryland School of Medicine was chartered in 1807 as the first public medical school in the United States. It is dedicated to providing excellence in biomedical education, basic and clinical research, quality patient care and service to improve the health of the citizens of Maryland and beyond. UMSOM is committed to the education and training of medical, MD/PhD, graduate, physical therapy and medical and research technology students. The university recruits and develops faculty to serve as exemplary role models for their students.


World Class Research

UMSOM is one of the fastest growing, top-tier biomedical research enterprises in the world. It has 43 academic departments, centers, institutes, and programs, and a faculty of more than 3,000 physicians, scientists, and allied health professionals, including members of the National Academy of Medicine, and a distinguished recipient of the Albert E. Lasker Award in Medical Research.


The School of Medicine faculty, which ranks as the 8th-highest public medical school in research productivity, is an innovator in translational medicine with 600 active patents and 24 start-up companies. The School works locally, nationally, and globally with research and treatment facilities in 36 countries.


Compassionate Patient-Centered Care

With an operating budget of more than $1 billion, UMSOM works closely in partnership with the University of Maryland Medical Center and Medical System to provide research-intensive, academic and clinically-based care for more than 1.2 million patients each year.


Educational Excellence

UMSOM has over 2,500 students, residents, and fellows, and nearly $450 million in extramural funding, with more than half of its academic departments ranked in the top 20 among all public medical schools in the nation in research funding. As one of the seven professional schools that make up the University of Maryland, Baltimore campus, the School of Medicine has nearly 7,000 total employees.


Economic Impact

The combined School and Medical System (“University of Maryland Medicine”) has a total budget of $5 billion and an economic impact of nearly $15 billion on the state and local community.


Further information about University of Maryland School of Medicine is available under its official website:

News Release – The University of Maryland School of Medicine Enters Research Collaboration with BioMark Diagnostics

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