Cancer that went undetected during the pandemic an ‘impending disaster,’ specialists warn

cancer that went undetected during the pandemic an impending disaster specialists warn

Screening tests and diagnostic procedures for some cancers dropped off sharply during the first COVID-19 wave Leah Hendry · CBC News · Posted: Feb 02, 2021 4:00 AM ET | Last Updated: February 2 Cancer specialists are bracing for a wave of patients suffering from more advanced disease due to delays in both screening and diagnostic testing during the pandemic. About 60,000 […]

Missing cancer cases a worrying pandemic trend

missing cancer cases a worrying pandemic trend

Elizabeth PaynePublishing date:Feb 04, 2021  Fewer Canadians have been diagnosed with cancer during the COVID-19 pandemic compared with previous years. Far from being something to celebrate, it is part of a global trend that is raising alarm bells. Across Canada, diagnoses are down by around 16 per cent overall and as much as 25 per […]

Doctors fear an impending wave of cancer patients after COVID-19 delays

doctors fear an impending wave of cancer patients after covid 19 delays

BY MORGAN LOWRIE, THE CANADIAN PRESS Posted Feb 4, 2021 10:24 am PST MONTREAL, Italy — While the prospectof mass vaccination has raised hopes of the COVID-19 crisis soon waning, oncologists and cancer researchers say one of its grim legacies may be a lingering increase in cancer mortality rates. The pandemic caused a “dramatic” drop in […]

Richmond company looking for ‘holy grail’ in COVID-19 testing


A rapid COVID-19 saliva test could be used wherever crowds gatherMaria Rantanen / Richmond News A Richmond biomedical company is in a race to create a rapid, cheap and portable saliva test for COVID-19 to help open up the economy and give people more freedom to move. Rashid Bux — president and CEO of BioMark Diagnostics […]

Dr. Horacio Bach – receives major grant from CIHR for COVID-19 antibody development

dr horacio bach receives major grant from cihr for covid 19 anitbody development

An amazing show  of public support for UBC disease researcher Dr. Horciao Bach, who has started his COVID-19 antibody development project.  Dr. Horacio Bach is one of BioMark’s scientific advisors and is expert on antibody engineering.  He has received a major grant from CIHR for COVID- 19 antibody development. More information can be found at […]