Key Milestones Achieved in 2013 2H (Second Half)

– BioMark successfully generated 3 monoclonal antibody against the molecule of interest.

This is a major accomplishment for BioMark since success rates for generation of small molecule antibody is not a common. BioMark would like to acknowledge all the work performed by the group at UBC, Immuno Precise and its technical / scientific team. “We hope to capitalize on this event as we channel our resources into commercialization” states Rashid (CEO).

– Elisa and IVD Point of Care Kit Development

BioMark will proceed to develop Elisa kits from antibodies for field and external validation sites both locally and internationally. This will offer a secondary market for diagnostic sales while we develop the ideal in vitro PoC (Point of Care) system with the monoclonal antibodies. We intend to develop between over 1000 kits that will be tested and used in specific countries where BioMark has collaborated with cancer screening institutes and agencies.

– Manitoba Tumour Bank (MTB) and Gene Expression Studies

BioMark along with Manitoba Tumour Bank (MTB) have successfully completed actual cancer tumour biopsy studies for the quantification of SSAT using qPCR.

The results are very encouraging and empirically demonstrate that our science pathway is well founded. Poster and publications will follow. Additional collaborations are underway with MTB. BioMark wishes to thank the teams at Saint Boniface led by Dr. Ramjiwan, Dr. Maksymiuk, Dr. Tappia, Dr. Czubryt, Nina and all the staff at MTB

BioMark has received REB for additional tests and access to biological samples from Manitoba CancerCare for panel studies on new biomarkers. Assays are being established for the quantification of the biomarkers. More to foolow in 2014 1H

-New Frontiers with Surface Enhanced Raman

BioMark will be presenting at the BiopSys (Bioplasmonic Systems) symposium to be held at University of Toronto on Sept 23-25. This is a network dedicated to nanotechnology and Raman systems

New discoveries and applications for surface enhanced Raman systems will be unveiled in the next 3 – 6 months.

Clinical Trials Have Begun

– Phase III Trials at CancerCare Maintoba and Saint Boniface has begun. The PIs are Dr. A. Masksyumiuk and Dr. Ramjiawan. Patients are being recruited.

Grants and Research Applications

– BioMark along with Dr. Reuven and Dr. Fraser Hof both from UVic have submitted an application for the use of Raman IR for cancer biomarker detection under Genome BC application. Results will be announced later in October 2013.

Presentations and Meetings July 18-19 2013

– BioMark had the privilege of being invited by Lifesciences BC and to present to SINO – PhrIRDA Delegation from China July 18th 2013. Efforts to connect with members and delegates are underway.

New Collaborations

– BioMark is pushing ahead with setting up potential relationship with China National Health Association – highly recognized group in China to help with trials, regulatory and commercialization efforts. This alliance was supported and funded through Going Global a Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade program.

Commitment to aspiring scientific community

– Mitac Accelerate Intern Program – BioMark is seeking students experienced in screening public gene and genome expression databases for gene expression studies and to help in the current literature associated to SSAT biology and pathway. The jobs have been be posted on the participating campus website.

– Completion of Engage Program with Dr. Hof and University of Victoria team – BioMark would like to thank Dr. Hof and NRC Engage team for the support on this project. The results were excellent and will help the company’s current commercialization thrust in detection and screening using Raman system

Invitations and Recognition

– BioMark has been selected from a group of 35 Canadian companies to participate in the Canadian Mission to AdvaMed 2013 scheduled for September 23-26, 2013.

– Canada Global Challenge: BioMark will submit an entry to this national completion. The entry deadline is July 31st 2013. Grand Challenges Canada which is funded by the Government of Canada and is dedicated to Bold Ideas with Big Impact for global health. Grand Challenges Canada works in a consortium with the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CHIR).

Capital Raise

BioMark is in discussion with private investors and 2 private VC firms. More to follow upon closing of the round.

Scientific Posters and Publications

Biomark is in the process of developing several posters and publications that will be presented at different symposiums around the world.

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