Cambridge’s 2015 Vancouver Resource Investment Conference in a Nutshell

By Gaalen Engen,
The 2015 Vancouver Resource Investment Conference, hosted by Cambridge House International, is a regional event that attracts junior from a variety of resource sectors to network, promote and exchange experience in an exciting environment rife with investors, analysts and media.In past years, this event has been the premier meeting ground for the elite, the hopefuls and the pundits involved in the resource markets, so it was an honour to be approached by Jay Martin, President of Cambridge House International, with a request that I become a part of this year’s conference that took place at the Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre.

Biomark Diagnostics (CSE: BUX, Stock Forum) has a cancer detection platform that shows some tremendous potential and if its price point can be brought down, I see it dominating the market in emerging economic regions. I spoke with Rashid Bux, company CEO, and was impressed with his drive, and candour. He is personally attached to the technology that provides early detection of cancer through identifying the metabolized result of Amantadine given to patients prior to measurement. Yes, you can discover the probability of having cancer through peeing in a cup.

The procedure is non-invasive and the administered Amantadine safely eliminates from the patient after the testing procedure. With 90% of cancers being curable if caught early, Biomarks ABA products can determine the potential presence of cancer before the earliest CT scans are able to identify cancerous growths at 2 mm in size. I like the tech, I like the people behind it, I like the potential and I’ve seen a sample product. It will be interesting to see how this company develops over the next 24 months.

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