BioMark’s Market Update Report

BioMark Market Update Report

Vancouver, British Columbia – (February 4th, 2020) – BioMark Diagnostics Inc. (“BioMark”) (CSE: BUX) (FSE: 20B) (OTCMKTS: BMKDF) is pleased to provide a market update report with key activities undertaken by BioMark’s team during January 2020.

“BioMark is not aware of any negative news that has impacted its share price recently. We continue to execute well as discussed in our 2019 Round Up and Outlook for 2020 yearend report. I would like to share with you some key activities undertaken by BioMark’s team during January 2020 that demonstrates our commitment to achieve our goals in 2020 says”, Rashid Ahmed CEO and President of BioMark.

  • BioMark team attended MEDTEQ Innovation Summit on January 13 -16, 2020 in Montreal, met with MEDTEQ team and discussed funding application status which is currently being reviewed by the Government of Quebec economic team. The funding is for over $650,000.
  • BioMark team met with Canada Brain Foundation to explore potential grants and funding for brain related projects across Canada. This is timely given our breakthrough research being conducted in Glioblastoma (aggressive brain cancer) and is being led by Dr. Don Miller and his team.
  • BioMark team presented at IUCPQ in Quebec City and managed to review and discussed the large prospective study plan with Dr. Joubert and the IUCPQ biobank team. We anticipate to source samples from the IUCPQ’s well established biobank.
  • BioMark will present a proposal for the board of IUCPQ. The outcome of the board decision will be shared later in February 2020 based on a favourable response.
  • BioMark team met with other potential partners in Quebec that will assess opportunity to collaborate on the Pan Canadian Lung Cancer Screening program.
  • BioMark signed a confidentiality agreement with a leading US based genetic test service provider that offers over 4000 genetic based tests to 40 states across USA. Discussions between our mutual scientific teams were held in during the third week of January.
  • BioMark completed drafts related to clinical trial protocols for the upcoming multi centre Chinese Lung Cancer study that will be using an FDA approved drug (rimantadine) as a probe. Meetings were held with a principal scientist leading the project in China prior to the coronavirus global alert. Appropriate milestone payments were received on time as outlined in the agreement between the two parties.
  • BioMark developed synthesized internal standards needed for analysis of urine samples for rimantadine clinical trials in China. The certificate of analysis has also been produced to demonstrate the quality standards necessary for regulatory rigor.
  • New patents for Canada and US have been reviewed and are being filed to protect our new discoveries.
  • BioMark’s certified and accredited lab BRI has completed the development of 12 internal standards that will be used as an assay to assess response to treatment for lung cancer patients following chemo and radio therapy. The result of this proof of concept studies if successful will be another important clinical success for our amantadine and related metabolite panel. The ability to assess faster response will allow for more expedient treatment options for the patients leading to potentially better outcome.


The Quebec Heart and Lung Institute Research Centre is the only centre funded by the Fondsde recherche du Québec – Santé (FRQS) that regroups three research components (cardiology, respirology and obesity-metabolism) deemed to be a priority because of the considerable economic and social impact of their related diseases.

Research with far-reaching effects

The centre’s research themes are central to global health priorities and a major strategic force for halting the progress of non-communicable chronic diseases and their devastating effects. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), non-communicable chronic diseases (cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases, diabetes and cancer) are responsible for 63% of deaths worldwide. Obesity, which has reached global epidemic proportions, is one of the greatest risk factors for these diseases.

An integrated research approach

The centre is unique in that our research components perfectly complement the Institute’s clinical missions. This enables health professionals and researchers to work in total synergy to the greatest benefit of patients. This synergy turns research findings into better care in harmony with the vision of the FRQS and of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR).Our research teams harness this synergy for the integrated study of the metabolic triggers of cardiovascular and lung diseases, as well as to develop innovative and competitive Quebec research in disease prevention and treatment. In addition, our unique research-care paradigm allows us to identify research priorities according to the clinical issues arising from the Institute’s subspecialties.


MEDTEQ’s mission is, through collaborative, industry led projects, to accelerate innovation and position, on a global scale, products and services developed by the Canadian medical technologies industry, thereby generating major economic impacts while improving healthcare systems for the ultimate benefit of patients in Canada and around the world.  Medteq is a voice in setting health technologies standards, best practices and processes, including privileged access to 180+ member companies, health centres, universities and investors.

MEDTEQ’S Vision 2025

With a dual provincial and federal mandate, MEDTEQ continues to be a focus point for Canada’s medical technology sector in terms of research, innovation and the integration of leading-edge solutions in the delivery of health care.

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