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Published by Canadian Investor on December 9, 2014

A newly listed company, Biomark Diagnostics, is making headlines with their cancer diagnostic technology, which is currently in Phase 3 clinical trials. The technology will enable patients to receive a non-invasive test for the diagnosis of many cancers. The Company’s patents and technology calls for the utilization of an already known FDA and Health Canada approved drug, amantadine, which when ingested is chemically changed by cancer cells to acetylated amantadine.

The company was recently the subject of a special feature by the Sun News Network. During the feature a doctor from Toronto East General Hospital, Dr. Camine Simone states “This (Biomark’s lung cancer test) is ground breaking, and earth shattering, to be quite frank, when it comes to patients with lung cancer, this is something could potentially make patients with advanced lung cancer obsolete. If we can get this to the point that we can get this to test everyone that’s at high risk, this can potentially be a cure for lung cancer.”

biomarkBiomark’s technology isn’t just applicable to lung cancer. The company’s Phase 3 clinical trials are testing for the diagnosis of lung, testicular, gastric intestinal and breast cancer. The company feels that lung cancer is especially exciting as current diagnostic options are limited.  The company expects to have completed its Phase 3 clinical trials by the third quarter of 2015 at which point the Company expects they will be permitted by Health Canada to begin offering its lab units to patients in key jurisdictions, World-wide. The company is already working on 2nd generation tests and technology to make the test available on a wider scale – in regions where expensive and high tech laboratories are unavailable. The company’s website hosts the slogan “From labs to villages”, a passionate initiative set forth by CEO, Rashid Ahmed.

We spoke to Mr. Ahmed, who shared the following thought: “Currently many cancers are curable if diagnosed in Stage 1.   If we can continue to push the boundaries of early detection, this will increase survival rates tremendously for cancer patients. This also provides the opportunity for the serial monitoring of cancer survivors who are prone to reoccurrence or for those currently undergoing cancer therapies for response to treatment.”

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Biomark recently went public (BUX.cse  $0.69) on the Canadian Securities Exchange as well as the Frankfurt Stock Exchange and is looking to list in the United States in 2015.

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