BioMark and Response to Treatment

BioMark’s Principal Engineer attended the World Congress on Interventional Oncology (WCIO) May 6th – 9th in New York to discuss BioMark’s Response to Treatment program and how it would fit into the rapidly developing interventional oncology market place.

BioMark’s Principal Engineer spent the month of March in Japan, Taiwan and China to explore the opportunity to implement a Response to Treatment program in the region of the four Tigers (Japan, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong).  Pioneers, key opinion and technical leaders in Asia have been introduced to BioMark’s technology and those leaders attending the WCIO will be meeting BioMark team again during the week of May 3rd to 9th. BioMark plans to discuss elements necessary to implement  and manage its’ Asian Response to Treatment (ART) potential project in late 2015/2016 with luminary oncology centers in Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Taipei and Hong Kong.

BioMark’s CEO, Rashid Ahmed states, “We believe that the opportunities to introduce an ART program via the four Tigers represents a significant market opportunity, not to be ignored.” BioMark’s Response to Treatment program provides an excellent tool to provide interventional oncologists additional medical evidence to support efficacy of the procedures.



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