BIOMARK PartnerS with RUBIX LS to Advance Blood-based Cancer Screening in Underserved Communities


Vancouver, British Columbia – (February 28, 2024) – BioMark Diagnostics Inc. (“BioMark” or the “Company”) (CSE: BUX) (FSE: 20B) (OTCMKTS: BMKDF) an advanced stage liquid biopsy company with a focus on hard to detect and treat cancers and Rubix LS, a culturally competent patient medical research organization, jointly announce today the signature of a strategic partnership to develop better diagnostic tools to enhance lung cancer screening and improve breast cancer screening program, especially for women with dense breasts and Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC), by focusing on reaching underserved communities. This collaboration combines the innovative strengths of both organizations to develop accessible, non-invasive, and accurate diagnostic solutions that promise to set new standards in early detection and personalized cancer treatment.

Breast and lung cancers are among the leading health challenges for women worldwide, with early detection being crucial for successful treatment outcomes. However, access to early screening and diagnostics remains a significant barrier, particularly in underserved communities. Recognizing this, Rubix LS and BioMark are dedicating their partnership to advancing cancer detection technologies and ensuring these innovations reach those most in need.

Rashid Bux, CEO of BioMark, emphasized the importance of inclusivity in healthcare innovation, stating, “Over the past year, we have laid the groundwork for today’s partnership through extensive interactions with members of underserved communities at major society meetings and individually. Our collaboration with Rubix LS is a step towards democratizing access to advanced healthcare solutions, bridging the healthcare equity gap, and making early cancer detection a reality for everyone, regardless of their geographic or socio-economic status.”

The initiative will harness Rubix LS’s strength as a culturally competent research catalyst, with CLIA/CAP clinical laboratory capacity to perform screening and conducting necessary clinical studies working in harmony with BioMark’s expertise in translating blood-based biomarker research into laboratory-developed diagnostic tests (LDT) that are not only effective but also widely accessible. Central to this effort is the deployment of mobile diagnostics and telehealth services, meticulously designed to bridge the gap in healthcare access and extend advanced cancer screening technologies to remote and underserved communities. This approach underscores a commitment to equity, ensuring that state-of-the-art healthcare solutions reach all segments of the population, particularly those in areas traditionally neglected by advancements in medical technology.

“Through our partnership with BioMark, we are not just innovating for the sake of science but to make a real difference in communities where access to early cancer screening can be life-changing,” said Reginald Swift Ph.D., CEO of Rubix LS. “Our mission is to ensure that our breakthroughs in diagnostics are accessible to all, particularly those in underserved areas who are most vulnerable.”

This groundbreaking initiative to transform women’s health is a call to action for the healthcare community to prioritize equity in access to preventive care and to invest in solutions that can reach and benefit all populations, especially those historically marginalized or overlooked. Rubix LS and BioMark are proud to lead this charge, aiming to inspire a global movement towards more inclusive healthcare practices.

For more information about the partnership and its initiatives focused on underserved communities, please visit and

About BioMark Diagnostics Inc.

BioMark is a liquid biopsy company developing a molecular diagnostic technology platform that leverages the power of metabolomics and machine learning algorithms to bring new cancer diagnostics to market and improve cancer prognosis by allowing physicians to detect carcinomas in the presymptomatic stages. The technology can also be used for measuring response to treatment and potentially for serial monitoring of cancer survivors. While the Company’s current focus is on the commercialization of its liquid biopsy test for early detection of lung, it has plans to expand into other hard to detect and treat cancers such as brain, ovarian, and pancreatic.

Further information about BioMark is available under its profile on the SEDAR+ website and the CSE website

For further information on BioMark, please Contact:

Rashid Ahmed Bux

President & CEO

BioMark Diagnostics Inc.

Tel. 604-370-0779

Email: [email protected]

About Rubix LS

Rubix LS is a leader in driving culturally competent research and innovation, dedicated to catalyzing advancements that bridge the gap between diverse communities and healthcare solutions. With a deep commitment to addressing the world’s most pressing healthcare challenges through a lens of cultural competency, Rubix LS is at the forefront of fostering collaborations and developments that aim to make a positive impact on global health equity. Their work underscores the importance of understanding and integrating diverse cultural perspectives in the quest to deliver impactful healthcare solutions to all segments of the population.

For further information on Rubix LS, please Contact:

Reginald Swift, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO

Rubix LS

Tel: 978-552-3183

Email: [email protected]

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