Biomark Attends Photonics West (California)

BioMark’s paper Surface Enhanced Raman Spectrometer (p-SERS) was on display at the Innovation Photonic Solutions (IPS) booth at the recent Photonics West conference in San Francisco, California. Pictured with BioMark’s Principal Engineer, Jim Elliott is IPS’s Sales Representative Tina Gong. BioMark was privileged to be part of IPS’s booth as IPS is the world leader in providing single frequency stabilized lasers and has been the manufacturer of BioMark’s Raman Spectrometer. The technology platform was developed by Dr. Reuven and Dr. Hof from the University of Victoria. Over the past decade, Raman spectroscopy has become a household name in the pharmaceutical industry mainly because of its widespread use in areas such as incoming material inspection, counterfeit/adulterated drug screening, and process monitoring. Lesser known, is how heavily Raman spectroscopy is being investigated in the biomedical industry as a screening tool for various diseases including cancer.

BioMark’s Raman Spectrometer is part of the massive and rapidly growing BioPhotonics Industry. The US Government’s Committee on Science of the National Science and Technology Council 2014 report viewed BioPhotonics as the highest priority research need (A1) over other photonics technologies. BioMark is well positioned with its first Raman Spectrometer product to become a market leader utilizing p-SERS as a screening tool for cancer.

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