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BioMark’s Health Canada Submission Update

February 21, 2018

Vancouver, British Columbia – (February 21st, 2018) – BioMark Diagnostics Inc. (“BioMark”) (CSE: BUX, FSE: 20B, OTCMKTS: BMKDF) is pleased to provide an update on its Health Canada submission progress following data analysis on its clinical trial activities.

Listed below are new accomplishments over the past 2 weeks:

  1.  BioMark’s regulatory team at St. Boniface Hospital Research Centre and the assigned biostatistician have completed detailed data analysis and tabulation on clinical trials based in Canada and Bangladesh.
  2. A comprehensive medical follow up report of the outliers in both in Canada and Bangladesh has been reviewed by Dr. Andrew Maksymiuk, the Principal Investigator at CancerCare Manitoba along with our regulatory team members from St. Boniface Hospital Research Centre. Initial assessment report of the outliers demonstrates BioMark SSAT1 technology can provide physicians an economical diagnostic tool to effectively pre-screen patients for either more expensive CT screening or more invasive biopsy procedure. (Outliers are subjects who were considered healthy but exhibited higher than expected Acetyl Amantadine concentrations). An ongoing follow up will serve as part of our surveillance and strengthen the clinical applicability of our data.
  3. Compilation of the package to be filed with Health Canada has begun and a team has been assembled to accelerate the submission.

Next Steps
News will be released as soon as the submission package is completed in the next couple of weeks.

News Release – BIOMARK’s Health Canada Submission Update