BioMark’s Quebec Laboratory Begins To Take Shape

biomark diagnostics qtrap 6500 mass spectrometer

BioMark Diagnostics is pleased to announce that the installation of its Quebec laboratory is now underway.

With the installation of the Sciex QTrap 6500+ high performance mass spectrometer, BioMark is on target with its plan to build an optimal laboratory infrastructure that will serve as the gold-standard for world-class cancer detection and research.

Dr. Jeff Haince is leading the installation and construction of the new laboratory along with the recruitment and training of BioMark’s new lab Ops Team who will assist with the management and operation of the lab.

biomark diagnostics qtrap 6500 mass spectrometer installation

Upon completing its verification and validation of bio-samples for lung cancer screening, BioMark will continue with its plan followed by official lab certification, leading to a new revenue generating service offering.

The QTrap mass spectrometer is one of the fastest and most sensitive in its class. It provides the best LOQs for the detection and quantification of the largest range of compounds in the most challenging situations.

With faster chromatography and throughput, the QTrap is the ideal system for the BioMark laboratory demand.

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